Office Alternatives That Will Save You Mula!

In this digital day and age, it seems inconceivable that offices are still consuming as much paper, ink, notebooks, and pens as they do today. Using technology effectively, any office could go almost entirely digital and save a small fortune. We have, and the results really do speak for themselves. How can you accomplish this in your office? Here are some ideas: Have employees start using a stylus with their smartphone to take notes at meetings, using apps like Penultimate integrated with an Evernote account, or Android tool Supernote. There are plenty of options for iPhone too. Stop the printing/photocopying/faxing madness by sending Word documents to people at other companies via digital fax services that can be sent straight from your desktop, like HelloFax. If you absolutely have to print,... Read More »

Tips for Effective Commercial Cleaning.

With autumn season knocking on the door, cleaning experts begin to review the procedures and methods they have in place for commercial cleaning. It is the best time for this so that they can be as prepared as possible for the coming autumn and winter seasons. Many people think that cleaning is an easy way to make money. You hear people say that they will start cleaning several businesses to earn extra money and you can listen to people choking when they find out how many commercial transactions are paying for commercial cleaning Leicester services. People act as if commercial cleaning is as simple as vacuuming at home.