Acquiring An Angel Investor

The majority of angel investors are not uber-rich people who do not care whether they lose their money; many are simply trying to get the best return with their hard-earned savings. With that in mind, they don’t just buy an idea; they need to see a good idea that is well packaged and that is a less risky investment. Some angels will be passive investors, which may suit you, but those that bring additional skills can sometimes outweigh the investment benefits. An investor who was previously successful in your sector (been there and done it) can often bring far more in term of experience, contacts and general business acumen. An angel investor is using their personal money and taking a risk by investing into your business. So in the short... Read More »

How to work on your business startup without any cash in the bank

Many individuals have a brilliant idea for a startup business, but one of the biggest hurdles is starting up the business with absolutely no cash in the bank. It’s such a gamble in many cases, for an individual to give up their job and focus solely on their startup idea, but what about if you were able to get funding? There are many free business advice services in the UK whereby help is offered to individuals who have a great idea and the will to start the project, but no cash for the job. One of the ways in which you can move forwards is by looking at a business angel investor, but the problem here is they would demand equity for their investment, and they’ll also want to see... Read More »

Is LinkedIn great for discovering local businesses?

Though LinkedIn can be used to connect with businesses all over the world, it can be used to focus on your local area and one of the best methods for targeting relevant businesses and individuals in your location is to utilise LinkedIn Ads. There are so many particular demographics you can choose, such as age, gender, profession, location, job role and industry to name a few. So if you’re keen to find potential clients in your town or city, LinkedIn is a brilliant platform for making connections. Why not offer a discounted service or product for companies or individuals that are connected to your industry and located close to your base? The more budget you put behind your content, the more brand recognition you’ll build and the more people you’ll... Read More »

How is your work celebrating Christmas in Northampton?

If you’re currently working in Northamptonshire then you’ll probably have some sort of Christmas party coming up, but with so many businesses making plans too, it can be difficult to find an event or activity unless you’ve planned it all in advance. That said, there are many different options but it will at times depend on the employees and what their interests are. Old-fashioned work party The real classic work party is of course having a swift one down the local pub. Quite often the Friday before your company breaks up, everyone flocks to the pub before they go home to crack on with their Christmas preparations. This is a nice way to see everyone off before you all arrive back in the office at 8am in the New Year.... Read More »

Sending out business emails within your networking group

Keeping in contact with your own networking group is very important, this can include businesses within the same field as yourself or companies that are in your local area that help one another out. A network of companies can help one another through word of mouth and referrals, this is a fantastic way to get your business known. It is important that referrals go both ways, making sure the companies within your networking group are willing to help each other. While it can be difficult to arrange meetings, a good way to touch base is via an email. The email can include new members, new items, news items and other useful information. It is important that many small businesses help and support each other, as they can offer valuable advice... Read More »