Networking Events in Northamptonshire

There are many networking events in and around the UK, and Northamptonshire is no different. You only need to look online for small business networking events in your local area, and there are many websites and online directories which give you free entry to your first event, whilst monthly arrangements can be planned if you find the event suitable to you and your business going forward. By meeting other local business owners and spreading the word about your brand, you can drastically increase sales. Just make sure you project and present yourself accordingly, and have the confidence needed to speak about your business, but also the dignity to listen to others and show an interest in what they’re doing too. Business networking will always be an important aspect of advertising... Read More »

Using Instagram to network your business

When you think of social media for business networking, the first platform to spring to mind in LinkedIn, however Instagram may also be advantageous. If you already has a collection of stunning product shots then you are already half way there, if not, you may want to consider paying a professional photographer to capture your products for you. The great thing about Instagram is that it allows you to build connections with other businesses alike, and gain followers interested in your field of work. With the use of hashtags to maximise your images reach, your product will be seen, liked and commented on by new and existing customers or fellow businesses. As Instagram is now controlled by the same people as Facebook, incorporating paid Ads to both platforms is made... Read More »

Building connections with local businesses

The best way to build up a strong reputation of your own business is to build connections with other local businesses. It does not matter if you are in the service sector, advertising, catering, marketing, cleaning or anything else, networking works the same way for all industries. Try organising an ‘open day’ for your business and invite other local businesses to attend, offer a free coupon, a glass of champagne and cakes to get people over to your site. Once people are in attendance you can work on circulating with the guests, promoting and advertising your service/ product to the guests. This type of networking not only helps your business, but it helps make links with other local businesses too. You can even help each other by referring customers to... Read More »

Importance of attending networking events

There are many events held across the UK that bring businesses of the same field together. This can vary from a Barbering event to a tattoo exhibition to catering and wedding services. Attending these events as a small or large company can be very beneficial. Face to face interaction with other companies helps as you can provide support and advice for one another. This is a healthy way to come face to face with your competition, and may give you the extra drive needed to take your company to the next level. Many new companies can gain tips and knowledge on ways to get their business going, as they can speak directly to those who have recently been in a similar situation or stage of business development. Keeping good relationships... Read More »

New Businesses: Benefits of Networking

There is a long-standing truth in business that many of the most successful ventures emanate from relationships developed through networking. Whether it’s a conference or seminar event, a chamber of commerce function or teatime at the local golf course, networking provides numerous opportunities for business people to get together, to meet one another and to share ideas and make deals. Networking isn’t complicated. It is simply about getting to know others, helping them to achieve their goals, and hoping that in turn, someone will help you. It’s about connecting with real people and resources to “make things happen”. In fact, the internet is really just one big network of people sharing information. When you meet people in person though, you can have more of an effect on them, show them... Read More »